Referees to wear masks in matches in Azerbaijan

  • 16:51 05 June 2020

Referees to wear masks in matches in Azerbaijan

Professional Football League has announced additions made on Regulation regarding the last matches of Azerbaijani championship and cup, ONA reports.

 According to the formalized change due to pandemic, before the start whistle of the matches, teams will have to follow some requirements.

One of them is the cancellation of greeting. Before the matches, players and referees will not greet in order to protect the social distance. As well as to change pennant and take collective photos are not allowed.

In addition, sideline referees will wear a mask at the match.

In the controversial ball episode, the referee will not take the ball on the square. He will be given the disinfected ball by the side of the 4th referee. The referee will not physically interfere with the players in controversial situations when the turmoil occurs among the players, but he will stand by and observe.