Specifications of Formula-1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix revealed

  • 12:16 28 March 2019

Specifications of Formula-1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix revealed

The guide book has been prepared for all stages of the Formula-1 and Azerbaijan Grand Prix is not an exception, ONA reports.

It is stated that tense races bring immediate popularity to Baku City Circuit: “Baku stage appeared in race calendar only in 2016. At the first year, it was called European Grand Prix and then Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Within the three years, this race has become a favorite among other Formula-1 stages, with its loops, high speeds, close obstacles and chaos in the race. Only 13 cars have seen the finish line in 2018. Death risk of pilots is extremely high. If you come across the finish line with your bolides, then you are lucky”

Sharp loops were also mentioned among specifications of the Baku race: “Although this is city race, a small inattention can make you travel the whole Azerbaijan. This will mean an end of the race for you. Only one fault can finish everything.”

Azerbaijan Grand Prix will be organized 4th time and will take place on April 26-28.