The new rules that will change football

  • 07:14 03 March 2019

The new rules that will change football

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has held its 133rd General Assembly, and the use of the VAR was praised and some decisions were made that will start working as of June 1 and that will change part of the football, ONA reports.

The penalties, without rejection

Until now, if a player failed a penalty, he could have a second option to score if he was fast and took advantage of the rejection. With the new rule that will disappear: if the goalkeeper stops the maximum penalty or the ball goes to the crossbar or to the posts, the play ends and kick-off will be indicated.

Hand and goal is hand

The hands are always a reason for discussion in football. The rule basically says that they have to be "deliberate" to be pointed out, although there are many more nuances. With the plays that end in goal, the grays are over. It will be white or black. If a player has helped hand in control or to mark, however involuntary, the goal will be canceled.

The substitutions, faster

Until now the substituted players had to go to the place that is between the benches to go out and that his partner entered. As of June they will be able to leave the lawn in the place where they are, which will end the loss of time.

When the goalkeeper puts the ball in play ...

One of the rules that were not understood is that when the goalkeeper came out and the teammate touched the ball inside the area, the serve was repeated. That favored the offender. With the new rules, you can touch the ball inside the area.

Faig Mahmudov