UEFA prevented Arsenal's provocation in Baku

  • 11:17 27 May 2019

UEFA prevented Arsenal's provocation in Baku

Provocative characteristic plans of Arsenal, the football club of England about the final match of the Europa League held in Baku has been destroyed, ONA reports.

London attendee planned to participate on the square with the uniform written with Henryk Mxitarian’s name in warm-up movements before the match to be played on May 29.

UEFA prevented this wish of football gamers who support to Armenian rejected to come to the matches held in Azerbaijan.

European football association has declared that these kinds of cases are prohibited by the rules. Uniforms worn by teams during and before the match have to be approved by UEFA.

Note that despite Azerbaijan provided the safety of the Armenian origin footballer of Arsenal, Henryk Mxitarian had rejected to come to Baku.


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