Azerbaijan to open tourism representative offices in Ukraine and South Korea

  • 11:17 05 October 2019

Azerbaijan to open tourism representative offices in Ukraine and South Korea

Azerbaijan will open tourism representative offices in South Korea and Ukraine this year, Florian Sengstschmid, General Director of Azerbaijan’s Tourism Board (ATB) told ONA's Georgian bureau.

He stated that number of tourism representations of Azerbaijan, acting abroad, reached 7 after establishment of new representation in Tbilisi: “We already have 6 permanent representative offices. This is our 7 one. In a new format which is really interacting directly with guests and inviting them into step into the door and have some interaction. More offices will be launched this year in South Korea and in Ukraine and next year we will expand our network”

F. Sengstschmid noted that “Azerbaijan.Travel” Guest Center, established in Tbilisi will pave the way for both Georgians and the tourists traveled Georgia to get acquainted with Azerbaijan’s tourism opportunities.

“It is an Azerbaijan travel experience center. It is a showroom really where we invite Georgians and nationals of any country too come and visit experience Azerbaijan. And in the center of Tbilisi, it is extremely important because Georgians themselves enough to visit Azerbaijan”, said F. Sengstschmid.

Note that opening of “Azerbaijan.Travel” Guest Center of the Azerbaijan Tourism Board was held in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia last day. The Center, situated in 16 Shota Rustaveli Avenue will be open from 10:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m on every day of week.

Said Babazadeh