11 killed in Sudan's capital amid civil disobedience

  • 20:17 09 June 2019

11 killed in Sudan's capital amid civil disobedience

At least 11 people have been killed in Sudan's capital Khartoum in the past two days, the Health Ministry said Sunday, APA reports quoting Anadolu Agency.

Suleman Abdul Jabbar, undersecretary of the Health Ministry, confirmed the death toll to Anadolu Agency, adding that the assailants used knives and other light weapons.

"We urge citizens to not listen to rumors and maintain confidence in the authorities who are doing their best for stability and security of the capital Khartoum," he added.

Sudanese protesters began a nationwide civil disobedience campaign on Sunday as part of pressures on the ruling military council to hand over power to a civilian government.

The strike led to shutdown of public and private facilities and left streets of the capital empty.

Hundreds of people were left stranded at Khartoum airport due to flight disturbances as civil aviation officials joined the strike.

The opposition Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) said the ruling military council had shutdown several public and private hospitals leading to a "catastrophic situation".

Abdul Jabbar, however, denied any hospitals were closed forcibly but added some medical staff was attacked by unidentified people.

 Earlier this week, military forces cracked down on a main protest camp in Khartoum, in which at least 118 protesters were killed and hundreds injured, according to the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors. 

Sudan has remained in turmoil since April 11, when the military establishment deposed long-serving President Omar al-Bashir after months of popular protests against his 30-year rule. 

Following the move, the military council is now overseeing a two-year “transitional period” during which it has pledged to hold free presidential elections. 

Demonstrators, however, have remained on the streets to demand that the military council hand over power -- at the earliest possible date -- to a civilian authority.