34 workers trapped in Canadian potash mine

  • 07:14 04 July 2019

34 workers trapped in Canadian potash mine

Thirty-four workers are trapped in a potash mine in Canada about one kilometer underground, and an official said Wednesday the company is puzzling over a way to get them out, APA reports quoting Anadolu Agency.

“We’re hoping that we can find a solution relatively soon here. But again, it’s all determined on the safety and practicality of the options,” said Will Tigley, a spokesman for Nutrien Ltd.

The Cory mine is near the city of Saskatoon in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

The workers have been trapped since Tuesday afternoon when a service shaft lift that elevates to the surface quit.

Tigley said the workers are safe and have food and water. They also have wi-fi.

“They are in frequent contact with ourselves and they have access to the Internet down there, so they are in contact with their families as well,” he said.

The company is eyeing a shaft used to bring up the potash to lift the workers to the surface. But that decision has not been made and there is no timetable established, so no one knows how long the workers will be underground.

This is not the first time workers have been trapped in a Nutrien Ltd. mine.

In May, dozens were trapped underground for hours at the company’s Allan potash mine after a fire broke out. All the workers were safety brought out.

Potash is a potassium-based salt that is used for fertilizer.


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