At least 33 killed after tornadoes, storms sweep through southeastern U.S.

  • 10:38 14 April 2020

At least 33 killed after tornadoes, storms sweep through southeastern U.S.

At least 33 people were killed after tornadoes began ripping through the South on Easter Sunday, destroying homes and storefronts and leaving over 1 million people without power from an intense storm system now headed toward the mid-Atlantic, APA reports citing USA Today.

Tornadoes and other severe weather hit Central Texas early Sunday, bringing "gigantic" hail and damage, and then traveled east through Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas.

In Mississippi, the state's Emergency Management Agency said 11 people died in at least three counties near the Louisiana border — Walthall, Lawrence and Jefferson Davis.

Seven more lost their lives in Murray County, Georgia, Fire Chief Dewayne Bain told NBC News on Monday morning. The rural county, an hour outside Chattanooga, Tennessee, was hit hard. Several people were found dead in a trailer park. Another person died in Bartow County, north of Atlanta.

In Tennessee, where three people were killed, police deployed at least 26 teams of officers to check on residents who requested emergency assistance. Seventeen people were treated for injuries, officials said.

Nine people were killed in South Carolina, including five in the small city of Seneca, an emergency management official said. Falling trees felled by powerful winds killed two people across the region — a man in his home in White Hall, Arkansas, and a woman who died in her bedroom in Davidson County, North Carolina, officials said.