Boris Johnson: "EU 'can see rough shape' of Brexit plan"

  • 18:35 30 August 2019

Boris Johnson: "EU 'can see rough shape' of Brexit plan"

European Union leaders can see the "rough shape" of what needs to be done to help Britain and Brussels agree a new Brexit deal, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday, ONA reports citing Euronews. 

"We want to do a deal, that is why we are working so hard with our friends and partners (in Europe). Everybody can see the rough shape of what needs to be done. Everyone has now got a fix in their heads about the kind of landing place we need to get to. It's going to take work, it's going to take a lot of energy for us to get there, to get rid of this old Withdrawal Agreement."

Johnson's comments come ahead of the return of MPs from the summer recess on Tuesday and amidst a furore over his decision to suspend parliament from September 12 for almost a month.

The prime minister claimed the suspension was procedural, ahead of a Queen's speech on October 14, but his critics have accused him of trying to muzzle dissent to his plan to leave the EU with or without a deal on October 31.A number of legal challenges have been mounted to Johnson's decision, including an application for an injunction in Northern Ireland and another in Scotland, which is due to be heard on Tuesday.

Ilkin Jalilov