Armenia suspends results of tender on arm purchase, launches criminal case

  • 13:30 26 August 2019

Armenia suspends results of tender on arm purchase, launches criminal case

A criminal case was initiated in Armenia after the failure of the tender of the Ministry of Defense for the supply of weapons in which the Russian ORSIS participated, ONA reports citing RIA Novosti.

According to the representative of ORSIS, in May, the Armenia firstly announced a tender in their history for the supply of military equipment worth several million dollars. Only a Russian company could satisfy the requirements, but the tender was unexpectedly closed, the reason for which is unknown.

The case was opened under an article 376 of CC of Armenia (on neglect of service). According to the company official, the company has already notified the military attaché of the Armenian Embassy in Russia and required to make explanation about the incident regarding the delivery of the weapons.

The company representative noted that ORSIS, as part of the “Industrial Technologies” group of companies, for several years supplied weapons, ammunition, and optics to Armenia. After all “their services” they are out of sudden on the black list of Armenian Armed Forces, the company representative noted.

The company official stated that Armenian side alleges that they did not provide the necessary documents: “However, this is not true. We provide all the documents that the Ministry of Defense officially requested from us for several weeks. However they state that that we allegedly did not provide handover and purchase certificates for weapons. But all of these allegations have no any grounds. There is no legal or other justification for Armenia to include us into the blacklist”.

According to him, Armenian DM requested them to pay bank guarantee fine worth the hundreds of thousands of dollars: “We would pay the fine only in that case if we refuse to sign the contract after winning the bid. We didn’t refuse to sign the contract. After applying to the Appeal Commission, we reviewed the documents. Interestingly, the documents presented to us by the Appeal Commission were encrypted as “top secret” classification. However, even if the tender was closed, it doesn’t mean its confidentiality, so it is not right to cover it with confidential mask”.

Company representative stated that the situation put under question the fate of the project on construction of the plant that will produce bullets: “It was envisaged to invest some million dollars into that enterprise”.

Armenian Ministry of Defense affirmed the launching of the investigation regarding the case. Armenian DM stated that the public will be given broad information after the investigation finished.