Community center built for Georgian districts, settled by Azerbaijanis

  • 15:00 29 October 2019

Community center built for Georgian districts, settled by Azerbaijanis

A new community center will be put into operation in Gachagan village of Georgia’s Marneuli town, settled by Azerbaijanis compactly, until end of year, ONA’s Georgian bureau reports citing Georgia’s Ministry of Justice.

It was noted that the Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani got familiarized with construction of new Community center in the district.

The Minister stated establishment of Community centers in the large districts, settled by ethnic minorities is a priority for Georgian government.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the Community will serve for about 20 thousand residents, living in Community center Gachagan and adjacent Takali, Khanjigazli, Gasimli, Agammadli, Ulashli, and Kirach Muganli villages.

Local residents will benefit from more than 200 public and private sector services in the nearest territory to their houses.

There will also be a library, which will be provided with advanced technologies in the center.

Note that construction of the building is carried out with support of UN Development Programme and help of Swiss and Austrian governments.

Remind that construction of the Community center has been started in June of this year.

Said Babazadeh