Cypriot army captain pleads guilty to serial killings

  • 15:49 24 June 2019

Cypriot army captain pleads guilty to serial killings

Greek Cypriot army captain pleaded guilty on Monday to charges of killing five women and two children, all non-Cypriots, during a three-year murder spree which authorities stumbled across by accident, ONA reports citing Reuters.

The case, involving the worst peace-time atrocities against women in Cyprus in memory, has triggered outrage and horror on an island where serious crime is relatively rare, and forced the resignation of the justice minister and the police chief.

Nicos Metaxas, 35, has been charged with premeditated murder and abduction of the seven - who came from the Philippines, Romania and Nepal - between Sept. 2016 and July 2018. The two children, aged six and eight, were daughters of two of the women. Metaxas was taken under heavy security on Monday to a courthouse in the capital Nicosia wearing a bullet-proof vest, and appeared without a lawyer.

Police say the accused met the women online. The victims were mostly employed as housekeepers on the island and disappeared between September 2016 and August 2018. The first victim was found dead by tourists shooting pictures at a mining shaft in late April, unraveling the macabre killing spree. The last victim discovered, the six-year-old child, was found in a lake on July 12.


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