France proposes plan to ease US-Iran tensions

  • 04:32 16 July 2019

France proposes plan to ease US-Iran tensions

France has come up with a phased approach to the US-Iranian standoff, with Washington being asked to drop sanctions in return for Tehran scaling back its presence in the region, Lebanese channel al-Mayadeen reported, citing French diplomatic sources.

The multistep reconciliation process includes the United States reintroducing waivers on eight countries buying Iranian oil, the channel has reported.

It was also told by its source that the rivals had not taken steps so far to soften their stance but a French presidential adviser had been given the green light to continue efforts to "revitalize" the nuclear pact.

The EU Foreign Affairs Council held a meeting in Brussels on Monday to discuss the Iran nuclear deal in the wake of Tehran's recent decision to partially abandon its nuclear obligations under the 2015 accord. 


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