Georgia suspends diesel import from Azerbaijan

  • 13:43 31 July 2019

Georgia suspends diesel import from Azerbaijan

Georgia will stop importing diesel fuel from Azerbaijan, ONA’s Georgian bureau reports.

The reason is the new standards, which will come into force on January 1. The country should switch to Euro 5 standard fuel instead of Euro 4, which Azerbaijani fuel cannot meet.

“One of the major suppliers of diesel fuel is Georgia”s strategic trading partner, Azerbaijan. Because it does not meet the requirements, It will not be able to supply diesel fuel to Georgia from the next year,” – said Vano Mtvralashvili, chairman of the Petroleum Exporters” Union.

Director of SOCAR Georgia Petroleum thinks that it is possible for Georgia to move to the new standard after a year when Azerbaijan can meet the same standard.

“For the next year, Azerbaijan will not be able to import diesel into Georgia, whether Russia will replace it is difficult to say, but it is likely because Russia is one of the major and cheap suppliers of Euro 5 diesel. This regulation can be freely introduced after a year or a year and a half when Azerbaijan will have the capacity to provide Georgia with Euro 5,” – said Levan Giorgadze, director of SOCAR Georgia Petroleum.

Faig Mahmudov