House Judiciary Committee releases full impeachment report

  • 12:27 16 December 2019

House Judiciary Committee releases full impeachment report

The House Judiciary Committee released its in-depth impeachment report on Monday morning to accompany the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump that are scheduled to be up for vote on Monday, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

The 658-page document outlines the decision to charge Trump with two articles - namely abuse of power and obstruction of justice -  and also includes the committee reports from the House Intelligence Committee, which was the first institution to look into the issue,  and the Judiciary Committee due to explain the constitutional grounds for the anti-Trump move.

"Taken together, the articles charge that President Trump has placed his personal, political interests above our national security, our free and fair elections and our systems of checks and balances. He has engaged in a pattern of misconduct that will continue if left unchecked," the Judiciary Committee writes. "Accordingly, President Trump should be impeached and removed from office."