Imran Khan: "Entire world will suffer if Kashmir conflict worsens"

  • 16:37 06 August 2019

Imran Khan: "Entire world will suffer if Kashmir conflict worsens"

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warns that the deterioration of the Kashmir crisis would leave no winners and lead to serious repercussions for the international community, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

Imran Khan, who is seeking a closer relationship with Donald Trump, has invited the US president to mediate a peace deal with India, but New Delhi insists that he wants to deal with Pakistan without brokers.

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, Khan said: "If an acceleration of events towards conflicts does occur, no one will be the victor, and both sides will eventually suffer consequences, as will the entire world." 

He pledged to "take the case of Kashmir" to the United Nations and complain about what called "racist" treatment of minorities in India under the BJP rule.

"The world should understand the policy of appeasement will not work," Khan said, as quoted by PTV News, referring to Britain's policy in regards to the Nazi Germany prior to WW2. "We beseech the International community to take notice," he added.