Iraq unearths possible mass grave for Kuwaiti prisoners

  • 22:52 27 July 2019

Iraq unearths possible mass grave for Kuwaiti prisoners

A mass grave believed to contain Kuwaiti prisoners killed by Saddam Hussein’s regime forces was found at the countryside of the Muthanna province in southern Iraq, said the provincial governor on Saturday. 

"The discovery of the mass grave was based on security and intelligence reports," Ahmed Manfi, the provincial governor, said in a statement.

Local government has appointed relevant institutions to carry out legal procedures, Manfi said.

The governor did not give any information on how many people's remains were unearthed from the mass grave.

Those people are believed to have been killed in 1990s during the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein's regime.

The Iraqi government in February handed over the remains of another 300 Kuwaiti prisoners which were executed by the Saddam Hussein’s regime in the 1990s.

Saddam Hussein's regime invaded Kuwait in 1990, where Iraqi forces stayed for months before they were forced to leave under an international military campaign known as the "First Gulf War".