Kamaladdin Heydarov: "If we assimilate insurance culture to entrepreneurs, there will be fewer such problems in the future"

  • 07:40 17 December 2019

Kamaladdin Heydarov: "If we assimilate insurance culture to entrepreneurs, there will be fewer such problems in the future"

The recent fire in the malls and markets has again raised the issue of property insurance. In particular, property owners, whose property is burnt by fire in shops, appealed different instances for damages and seek compensation from the state. The Minister of Emergency Situations, Colonel-General Kemaladdin Heydarov also touched upon the issue of property and property insurance that has recently been updated, APA reports.

 At the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Minister said that not only the State Fire Control Service, the State Fire Protection Service, but also the State Agency for Industrial Safety and Mining Control Agency of the Ministry of Emergency and other oversight bodies, together with the relevant authorities, should pay much attention to insurance issues.

The Minister of Emergency Situations said that there is no state in the world to pay for damage to property of the population in natural or technical disasters. “Citizens affected by floods, earthquakes, as well as burning of some commercial facilities in our country have been compensated, and homes have been built as a result of the humanitarian efforts of President Ilham Aliyev and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. But this is not the case in other countries. These issues are reflected in the legislation of Azerbaijan. That is, every individual insures himself, builds a home, a shopping center, and decorates everything. But people are careless about insurance. And unfairly they seek compensation from the government. Each issue is reflected in the legislation. How to insure imported, domestic, goods and property for sale in malls are all covered by the law. We have mandatory insurance laws. Therefore, the activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other government agencies directly involved in these activities should be increase in this area.”


 The Minister for Emergency Situations said that the main issue was human safety: “The first is human safety. “As a result of the active efforts of our brave firefighters, thank goodness, there was no danger to human life, people have been rescued. However, the property of the citizens was damaged in the fire. If we assimilate the insurance culture to our small and medium-sized businesses, then in the future this problem should not be the case in general or the number should be small. No one is insured against anything. No one can guarantee that an incident will not occur at any commercial facility or house that has been commissioned. Therefore, the population and business people themselves should be careful. Sometimes the uncultivated grain fields are burned. What is it? The cultivated fields are burned, and then the fire goes to the uncultivated fields. It also undermines the efforts made during the year, while also damaging infrastructure facilities passing through it. In the future, we need to bring these issues to our people via greater awareness, strengthening control and other forms. It is necessary to fully clarify these issues and to enlighten the population by our supervisory authorities, our ministry and other agencies directly involved in this work. As you can see in other countries, there are fires in forests and mountains areas that could not be extinguished for months. Firefighters, we also remember that some places were intentionally burned. They cut trees in the forest and do such things to get rid of traces. This also leads to rumors in the community. Why did it burn? In any case, I would like to inform the media that they should be careful about writing what they know and think about on their channels and on websites, unless the Ministry of Emergency Situations or other law enforcement agencies have commented on this or that incident. ”