Kyrgyz lawyer: “Armenia grossly violated Geneva Convention”

  • 18:15 26 August 2019

Kyrgyz lawyer: “Armenia grossly violated Geneva Convention”

Presentation of scientific work of Kayrat Osmonaliyev, Kyrgyz lawyer and candidate of legal sciences devoted to the legal and political aspects of Nagorno Karabakh conflict held at ADA University, ONA reports.

K.Osmonaliyev stated that separatism theme is very actual nowadays. According to him, although Armenia is a side that created this conflict, it doesn’t recognize so-called “Nagorno Karabakh Republic”, because it is a gross violence of the international law.

Lawyer stated that the Republic of Azerbaijan is side that suffered from Nagorno Karabakh conflict. He stated that Geneva Convention violated during the Nagorno Karabakh conflict: “According to the Geneva Convention, sides shouldn’t commit ethnic cleansing during the war; property of people shouldn’t be destroyed. However, Armenian side grossly violated Geneva Convention. Azerbaijan has suffered more than $60 million as a result of occupation of Nagorno Karabakh by Armenia”.

He stated that there is not any progress in resolution of the conflict, even though Minsk Group of OSCE operates for more than 25 years: “We observe that co-chairs slightly deviated from Madrid principles. Time is running against Azerbaijan”.

According to him, status-quo satisfy Armenian side, while time is running on their behalf.

Vice-rector of ADA University Fariz Ismayilzade presented a certificate to Kayrat Osmonaliyev for completion of his scientific work.

Representatives of Embassies of Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, media outlets as well as employees of Azerbaijani MFA have participated in the event.