Lavrov: "Russia not to beg for dialogue with NATO"

  • 18:30 08 November 2019

Lavrov: "Russia not to beg for dialogue with NATO"

"Russia will not beg for dialogue with NATO. However, Moscow is in favor of continuing this dialogue", said Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, ONA’s Moscow Bureau reports. 

“Of course, we would like to have a normal dialogue with NATO. Almost all forms of cooperation have been frozen without our fault. Cut off the dialogue with the military is also not our fault. We are not the initiator of NATO's actions against the Russian delegation in the North Atlantic Alliance in Brussels either.

But I repeat again - we will to develop the mutually beneficial cooperation with NATO as it is in our interests envisaged in our foreign policy doctrine”, said the head of Russian MFA in his speech at an international non-proliferation conference held in Moscow.

Farid Akbarov