Leaders pay respects to Jacques Chirac in Paris - [color=red]VIDEO[/color]

  • 15:35 30 September 2019

Leaders pay respects to Jacques Chirac in Paris - VIDEO

Political leaders pay their respects to former French President Jacques Chirac in Saint-Sulpice church in Paris, who died at the age of 86 on 26 September, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

Jacques Chirac passed away on Thursday, surrounded by his family. He will reportedly be buried near his daughter at the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris; she passed away in 2016.

Born in Paris on 29 November 1932 into a banking family, Chirac graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies in 1954 and went on to become one of France's most prominent politicians. After assuming the presidency in 1995, Chirac immediately initiated sweeping social reforms. In 2002, he was re-elected, defeating then-head of the National Front party Jean-Marie Le Pen. Upon his departure from office, Chirac supported the presidential bid of his interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy.