Man who took bus passengers hostage shot by police sniper - [color=red]VIDEO[/color] - [color=red]UPDATED[/color]

  • 17:40 20 August 2019

Man who took bus passengers hostage shot by police sniper - VIDEO - UPDATED

The man who earlier today hijacked a bus in Brazil was shot by a police sniper, according to a live feed by Globo. The hijacker was apparently killed, although there has been no confirmation of this information, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

In a tweet posted by a user named Diniz, a man in a mask wearing a white t-shirt was seen leaving the vehicle. The man then threw a jacket towards the police and proceeded to go back inside the bus. The man is later seen falling on the ground, apparently shot.



A masked man, suspected of being a military police officer, has seized a bus in Brazil on the Rio-Niterói Bridge and taken several people hostage, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

The incident is taking place at the Rio-Niterói Bridge, which connects the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói. The man has reportedly seized a bus on the bridge. There are no immediate details as to how many people are on the bus.

According to reports, the captor is threatening to set the bus on fire; however, the man has released four people.

Federal Road Traffic Police and Military Police have been dispatched to the scene.

The road police have shut down traffic over the bridge to Rio.

The exact number of people on the bus and the man's motives are not immediately clear.