Maria Zakharova: I love Baku very much

  • 21:12 15 June 2019

Maria Zakharova: I love Baku very much

“I was in Baku a year ago. I was met very well. I loved it. Of course, I love Baku very much. ”

According to APA’s Moscow correspondent, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said this in the “Dreams Come True” program on YouTube channel “”.

Speaking about her visit to Baku last summer during the “Jara” music festival, Maria Zakharova said that she was impressed by the Azerbaijani capital: “I think that Baku is an open-air museum. I saw the modern look of Baku about six years ago.

And every time I see how the city is becoming more beautiful. It seems to me that this change occurred in Baku when the prices for oil and gas fell sharply, and Azerbaijan began to focus on tourism.

My mother told me to go to the Carpet Museum in Baku. I first argued, said it would be better to walk around the city. Then I went to the carpet museum. This is, of course, fantastic. It was not just a place where carpets were displayed. Shown here are the carpet weaving schools of every region of Azerbaijan. These schools still exist. This is something fantastic. ”

M. Zakharova also spoke about the Azerbaijani cuisine: “I characterize Azerbaijani cuisine as Caucasian. I love Caucasian cuisine, meat dishes. But this does not mean that I eat a lot of meat. For example, “American steak” doesn’t tell me anything. ”