[color=red]Minsk-2019: [/color]Asiman Gurbanly won gold, Irina Zaretskaya - silver

  • 21:55 29 June 2019

Minsk-2019: Asiman Gurbanly won gold, Irina Zaretskaya - silver

Today decisive fights have taken place among athletes performing in the weight category +84 kg.


Azerbaijani karateka Asiman Gurbanly won gold medal of the 2nd European Games, defeating Croat Angelo Kvesic (1: 0), APA's correspondent reports.


Earlier, Irina Zaretskaya (68 kg) won silver in a fight with Italian Silvia Semeroro. In the fight for the gold Zaretskaya lost with the score 1: 5. Earlier, Roman Heydarov won bronze.


The award of A. Gurbanly is 24th medal (5 gold, 7 silver and 12 bronze medals) of the Azerbaijani national team.