Moldovan president congratulates nation on victory 'over usurpers of power'

  • 02:13 15 June 2019

Moldovan president congratulates nation on victory 'over usurpers of power'

Moldovan President Igor Dodon has congratulated the nation on the victory, although symbolic, "over the usurpers of power" in the country, ONA reports citing TASS.

"I would like to congratulate you on the victory, although symbolic, over the usurpers of power," he told a briefing in parliament on Friday, commenting on the Democratic Party’s decision to go into opposition and send the Pavel Filip government to resignation.

"The Democratic Party and its leader Vladimir Plahontiuc who seized power in the country have recognized their defeat. But this is not an ultimate victory," he said, adding that it is too early to "rest content with that."\

"The Filip government cannot resign as it has been illegitimate since June 8. The constitution has it that once a new cabinet is elected the mandate of the previous one expires. It means that they have been occupying their positions illegally for all this time, having usurped power in the country," the Moldovan president explained. "At the end of last week, the parliament passed a declaration saying that power in the country had been usurped by the Constitutional Court as well." This position, according to Dodon, "is shared by the country’s international partners and the overwhelming majority of its population."

He called on the Constitutional Court to revise its previous illegal rulings. Otherwise, he warned, it will be done by other court judges who would be appointed by the new parliament and government.

Earlier in the day, deputy leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Cebotari announced the party’s decision to go into opposition. However, in his words, this move and the Pavel Filip cabinet’s resignation cannot be seen as a solution to the "problem of legal and constitutional blocking," as the Constitutional Court had ruled to dissolve the parliament and recognized its decisions, including on the Sandu government, as illegal.

A source in the party told TASS earlier that the decision had been taken after a visit to the party’s office by US Ambassador to Chisinau Dereck Hogan. The party leaders, in his words, had never stopped to hope for Washington’s support in the confrontation with the president, parliament and the Sandu cabinet, but received none.

Faig Mahmudov