Night Superhuman Mi-28NM successfully tested in Syria

  • 02:31 17 June 2019

Night Superhuman Mi-28NM successfully tested in Syria

The attack helicopter "Night superhuman" Mi-28NM - was successfully tested in the conditions of mountainous terrain in Syria, press-service of the Russian Ministry of Defense said, ONA reports citing RT.

“According to the results of the tests, the Mi-28NM passed the professional fitness test and can enter the troops,” the text says.

As noted by Lieutenant-General Valery Gorbenko, cars, as a rule, act in the interests of the ground forces.

“Helicopters are designed for actions on the front line and in the tactical rear of the enemy, capable of supporting amphibious actions. They also help motorized riflemen, tankmen and reconnaissance with fire, ”he specified.

Earlier it was reported that the upgraded "Night Hunter" will receive a new on-board electronic equipment, more advanced engines and weapon systems.

Also in May, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that army aviation should be equipped with the latest means of hitting increased range and by the year 2028 supplying 100 modernized Mi-28NM combat helicopters to the troops.

Faig Mahmudov

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