Portugal PM rules out coalition government after October election

  • 18:45 29 August 2019

Portugal PM rules out coalition government after October election

Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa has ruled out a coalition government with the hard left if, as expected, his governing Socialist Party wins an Oct. 6 election but falls shy of a parliamentary majority, ONA reports citing Reuters.

Opinion polls show the Socialists, who currently rely on support from the two far-left parties in parliament to pass legislation, winning about 37-38% of the vote, meaning they would still need the support of one other party to govern.

But Costa indicated he favored a continuation of the current pact in parliament with one or two of the far-left parties - the Communists and the Left Bloc - rather than any formal coalition in which they would have government ministers.

“It’s best not to ruin a good friendship with a bad marriage,” Costa told the TVI channel on Wednesday night. “It’s not a good idea to try to complicate our political life when we already have risk scenarios abroad.”

“The country needs to maintain stability and good policies. One of the keys to stability in the last legislature was each party keeping its identity. Had we had a formal coalition, the solution would have been much less stable,” he added.