Protest action to be continued in Tbilisi

  • 11:14 19 November 2019

Protest action to be continued in Tbilisi

The protest action held in front of parliament building in Tbilisi will be continued today, said Shota Digmelashvili, leader of the “Shame” movement and one of the organizers of the protest action, ONA's local bureau reports.

According to him, the protest action in front of the parliament building will be continued today at 19:00 Tbilisi time.

Another protest act has been planned to be held at 10.00 in support of the persons detained the day before in front of the Tbilisi City Court.

Note that the protest action held in the area surrounding the parliament building in Tbilisi the day before was violently dispersed by police. At that time, 37 persons were detained, and 6 persons including 2 policemen were injured.

Said Babazadeh