Putin offered Trump hypersonic weapons from Russia to purchase

  • 17:40 05 September 2019

Putin offered Trump hypersonic weapons from Russia to purchase

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he offered his US counterpart Donald Trump a possibility to purchase the newest kinds of weapons from Russia, including the hypersonic ones. Putin told the plenary session of the fifth Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) on Thursday that the last meeting with the American partners in Osaka, Japan "an issue was raised how to take the Russian modern weapons, including the hypersonic missile systems, into account, into the common agreements, considering the fact that no country in the world possesses these weapons now, the US included," ONA reports citing TASS.

"I told Donald the following: "if you want, we can sell you some and this way we will equal everything. But truth be told, they are saying that they will soon produce it themselves. They possibly will, but why waste money when we already spent some and can get something back, while not hurting our security but creating balance rather," Putin said.

The Russian leader added that Moscow is willing to talk about "how and what can be taken into account, speaking about the types of carriers and number of warheads."

"This is a special issue, but Russia is ready for this dialogue in any case. However, we have not received a clear answer from the Americans," the Russian president concluded.

He underlined that the US is also mum on the Russian proposal to restrain an arms race. Putin recalled that Washington has not ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and on top of that there is talk about plans to deploy weapons in the outer space.

"These are very serious challenges that the humanity can face. Imagine that each of us, which means each of them as well, has a certain kind of weapons hanging over our heads and constantly floating on a geostationary orbit, it can also be nuclear weapons. This can truly change the situation in the global security sphere. However, while our American partners are silent about all our proposals in the sphere of disarmament and restricting the arms race, there’s nothing new here," he concluded.