Putin's Q&A session targeted by foreign cyberattack

  • 16:25 20 June 2019

Putin's Q&A session targeted by foreign cyberattack

The call center for Russian President Vladimir Putin's annual question and answer session Direct Line was targeted by a foreign cyberattack, the session's moderator said and noted the denial-of-service attack was prevented, ONA reports.

"I would say that our call center has just been DDoS attacked from overseas, it seems that the video call failures, which we had, were caused by that," the moderator stated. "But we managed to thwart it, the app operation has been resumed, we continue to receive calls, the overall number of appeals is reaching two million," she added.

Earlier this week, the Russian Security Department said their foreign intelligence agencies have unsuccessfully tried to infiltrate the management systems of Russian infrastructure. Meanwhile, United States media claimed the US conducted frequent cyberattacks against Russia, which Washington denied.

Faig Mahmudov

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