Russian MFA accuses the US of visa war

  • 15:16 30 September 2019

Russian MFA accuses the US of visa war

“We do not exclude to conduct respond measures as US did not give visa to members of Russian delegation. However it is not Russia’s choice, visa war has been started by the US”, said Russia’s Deputy FM Sergei Ryabkov in an interview with the magazine “International Affairs”, ONA’s Moscow bureau reports.

“You know, visa war is underway. It has been started by the US. We have been suffering for sending employees of the Embassy and the Consulate General to business trips to the US for a while. We also face great problems in formation of staff for short-term trips. We suggest Americans not to act with principle of tooth and nail, but come to an agreement. We can not achieve it yet. It seems, in America priorities of those who determine policy with Russia are different. They prefer to negotiate with Russia by force. However it is already clear to all that the way will not lead to success”, said Deputy of Foreign Minister of Russia in an interview with the magazine “International Affairs”.

S. Ryabkov said that symmetrical answer of Russian side is also a variant: “We will think of this issue.”

Remind that the US refused to give visa to 10 members of Russian delegation, whose attendance to the 74th session of the UN General Assembly had been planned.

Farid Akbarov