Search conducted in Fuad Abbasov's apartment in Moscow

  • 08:08 22 June 2019

Search conducted in Fuad Abbasov's apartment in Moscow

A search was conducted in the Moscow apartment of the Azerbaijani journalist Fuad Abbasov detained by Russian law enforcement officers, lawyer of the journalist Teyub Sherifov told APA’s Moscow correspondent.

According to him, the search in the apartment, where Fuad Abbasov’s family live, was conducted on June 21: “Most likely, the search was carried out within the framework of a certain case. We will find out the reason for the search.”

According to the publication on Facebook on Abbasov’s page, during a search conducted in the apartment last evening, electronic equipment was seized.

On May 16, Khimki police detained Fuad Abbasov for violating immigration laws. Abbasov was placed in a temporary detention center for foreign citizens in the city of Korolev, Moscow Region. On May 17, the court made a decision on his deportation from the Russian Federation.

The Moscow regional court, which considered the appeal of the journalist, upheld the decision of the Khimki court.

However, despite the fact that Abbasov twice purchased a ticket for leaving home, the court’s decision to deport him has not yet been carried out.