Spokesman of Iranian government: US wants to create tensions

  • 15:40 16 September 2019

Spokesman of Iranian government: US wants to create tensions

The US wants to create tensions by claiming Iran responsible for attacks to Saudi Arabia oil refinery plants. These opinions are groundless”, Iranian government's political, public, and cultural spokesman Ali Rabie said as an answer to the question of ONA’s Tehran bureau.

He noted that Iran supports stability in the region and is not interested in such kind of occurrences.

 “Unfortunately, roots of the war, running in the region, are not being considered. Yemeni people suffer from heavy attacks for more than 5 years. We face actions, contrary to humanism. Many innocent people have been killed or expelled from their homes. Severe war is carried out against Yemeni people. Yemeni specialsts have expanded opportunities and potentials. They have cooperators in the region. Solution of the conflicts is impossible by revenging or shedding blood in the region. Remind that end of this way is impasse. Nations, living in the region will get damage, while power states, as well as, the US will gain profit.”