Turkey launches “operation claw” in Iraq

  • 11:22 29 May 2019

Turkey launches “operation claw” in Iraq

The Turkish military has launched a counter-terrorism operation against PKK targets in northern Iraq’s Hakurk region, according to the Defense Ministry, ONA reports citing Hurriyetdaily news.

Called “Operation Claw,” the offensive started in the afternoon on May 27 with artillery salvos and airstrikes, the ministry said in a statement on May 28.

“This operation aims to demolish the caves and shelters that are being used by terrorist groups and to eliminate terrorists,” the statement said.

Commando brigades were also deployed in the area via helicopters, an aerial footage broadcast by local media showed on May 28. Photos showing shells fired by howitzers and soldiers perched on ridges, surveying hillsides with their rifles were also shared by the ministry.

At least 10 F-16 and F-4 air fighters accompanied by an Airborne Warning and Control System surveillance plane hit targets, local media reported.