Turkey marks 100th anniversary of Sivas Congress

  • 18:33 04 September 2019

Turkey marks 100th anniversary of Sivas Congress

Turkey commemorated the Sivas Congress, a milestone on the Turkish Republic’s road to independence, on its 100th anniversary on Wednesday, ONA reports citing Anadolu Agency.

The pivotal weeklong congress of the Turkish National Movement was held in the eastern Sivas province on Sept. 4, 1919, when Turkey was fighting its War of Independence.

Leaving Amasya in the Black Sea region, Mustafa Kemal Ataturl went to Sivas on June 27, a city he called a “reliable city.” During the meeting in Sivas, the situation of the country was discussed and it was decided to hold a national congress in the city as soon as possible. Ataturk gave the directives about the Sivas Congress and went to Erzurum to gather a congress on June 28. He came back to Sivas on Sept. 2 and stayed there until Dec. 18.