Turkey to deport 29 Azerbaijani citizens, who are ISIS members

  • 12:58 13 November 2019

Turkey to deport 29 Azerbaijani citizens, who are ISIS members

A number of foreign ISIS fighters to be deported from Turkey has been revealed, ONA reports citing the "Hurriyet" newspaper.

A number of foreign ISIS fighters who will be deported from Turkey is 959 and 29 of them are Azerbaijani citizens.

There are Russian (99 people), German (17 people), Ukrainian (4 persons), Netherlands (3 persons), French (2 persons), Denmark (2 persons), Austrian (2 persons), Kosovo (2 persons), Bulgarian (2 persons), Romanian (1 person), Albanian (1 person), Uzbek (82 people), Kyrgyz (23 people), Tajik (21 people), Egyptian (13 people), Afghan (11 people), Tunisian (10 people), Kazakh (10 people), Philistine (9 people), Moroccan (8 people), Pakistani (6 people), Turkmen (6 people), Nigerian (3 persons), Iranian (3 persons), Somali (3 persons), Libyan (2 persons), Jordanian (2 persons), Algerian (2 persons), Saudi Arabian (2 persons), Yemeni (1 person), Great Britain (1 person), Iraqi (296 people), Syrian (273 people), US (2 persons), and Australian (3 persons) citizens among ISIS fighters to be deported.

One of them was determined not to have citizenship. Citizenship of 2 persons could not be determined.

147 of them are teenagers. It was noted that teenagers lost their parents in the fights ongoing in Syria.

Foreign ISIS fighters are considered to be sent to their countries until end of this month.

Zumrud Pashkin