Ukrainian FM announces three shortest ways leading to peace

  • 15:40 20 May 2022

Ukrainian FM announces three shortest ways leading to peace

"We have warned the war for years that Russia wants a war, not a dialogue. We have declared at each point of the war that Russia should be prevented before it is too late. We have also warned about the global food crisis in the case when Russia decides to start a comprehensive war and close our ports. Our warnings have been ignored and we see its result now," said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba at the meeting in Vienna, ONA reports.

FM has called on countries to listen to Ukraine's challenges.

"All of us face very difficult choices today. These choices require difficult decisions. Russia's war against Ukraine is not related to only Ukraine and we should act together for both our and your interests. If Putin gains success hypotetically, no doubt, he will go forward. Now help to stop him so that you do not face him later. We highly appreciate nice words, but also require concrete steps: provision of Ukraine with heavy weapons, impose serious sanctions on Russia and give Ukraine the status of a candidate to the EU. These are the shortest three ways leading to peace. The only necessary requirement is political will in capitals," stressed Kuleba.