Kremlin: "US not ready to advance Russia dialogue, but Putin is a patient leader"

  • 13:59 03 June 2019

Kremlin: "US not ready to advance Russia dialogue, but Putin is a patient leader"

The United States is not currently ready to advance dialogue with Russia, but President Vladimir Putin is experienced and patient enough to handle the situation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, ONA reports citing Sputnik.

"Unfortunately, now we see that they are not ready to advance at all. But President Putin is quite an experienced and quite a patient president of quite a patient country," Peskov said in an interview with RT's SophieCo programme hosted by Sophie Shevardnadze.

He emphasised that since the very beginning of US President Donald Trump's tenure, Putin had stressed his readiness to mend ties and to "repair" the damage that former US President Barack Obama had done to Russian-US relations.

"From the very beginning President Putin insisted that we were ready to go ahead as long and as advanced as our American counterparts are ready to," Peskov noted.

He explained that Russia and the US have many strategic matters on the agenda that can only be solved at the highest level and the absence of meetings between the two countries' presidents contradict both Russian and the US national interests.

"We see lots of strategic questions on the agenda that should be tackled on the level of two presidents. There is no way for these problems to be solved on a lower level," Peskov said.

Many of the questions that should be discussed at the presidential level were coming from Washington, according to the spokesman. He went on to note that those problems were "idling in absence of the dialogue on the highest level."

Therefore, he noted that "not meeting each other is illogical. And it contradicts the national interests of our two countries. But we cannot be… more holy than the Pope… So that's why [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin has said that he is going to wait." 

Faig Mahmudov

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