US representative for Iran: "Tehran photoshops its achievements"

  • 07:35 08 June 2019

US representative for Iran: "Tehran photoshops its achievements"

US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook says Iranian authorities resort to lies and deception to create a "false impression of their activities and their true intentions." According to Hook, Iran seeks to "convince and deceive" people that "they are on the right side and that the US is the aggressor," ONA rpeorts quoting sputniknews

"Iran has photoshopped images of missile launches to try and show its increased missile capabilities. They've also photoshopped antiquated aircraft and tried to pass them off as new stealth fighter jets," he says on a video.

In February 2019, Iran conducted a test launch of ballistic missiles and released video of the trial. Deutsche Welle then reported that a 37-second video published by the Iranian government showed the launch from different angles, with the projectile finally hitting a target in the desert. In December, Iran conducted another missile test, according to Jane's Report.


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