Vucic: "Accept reality, Serbia does not control Kosovo"

  • 10:36 28 May 2019

Vucic: "Accept reality, Serbia does not control Kosovo"

Serbia needs to accept that it has lost control over Kosovo, its former southern province, and it must seek a compromise to normalize ties with Pristina, President Aleksandar Vucic told parliament in unusually blunt terms on Monday, ONA reports citing Reuters.

“We need to recognize that we have been defeated. We lost the territory,” Vucic told parliament during a special session dedicated to Kosovo.

“I did not opt to continue with lies and deceit. I have told everyone: There is no Serbian (visible) authority in Kosovo except in hospitals and schools,” he said.

“We have two options - to normalize relations by reaching an agreement or to maintain a frozen conflict,” Vucic told the deputies, mostly members of the ruling coalition controlled by his Progressive Party.