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Products and subscription offers of ONA News Agency


Online News Agency (ONA) provides news services to all relevant agencies and structures. In the framework of this service, we offer you the news package of ONA in five languages (in Azerbaijani, Russian, English, French and Arabic) to replenish the need of your agency for news, get timely information on current events, as well as get acquainted with monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring, analytics. Our news can be received three times in a day in the form of a newsletter, as well as read news not publicly available in the online mode by access with a password. The agency also offers you high-quality and original photos and video news. ONA News Agency offers subscribers the following products:

Online news service

News is published the website of agency. Part of the news is publicly available. News not publicly available can be obtained by signing of a subscription agreement with the company. News is sent to the e-mail addresses of subscribers three times a day in the form of a newsletter.

Providing PR services

The agency offers state and private structures, economic, diplomatic and other subjects to distribute PR articles, photos and video materials reflecting their activities. Agency’s professional team is engaged in the preparation, translation and distribution of these products. The company undertakes to convey information to a wide range of readers and subscribers and distribute it in social media. The company has a “subscription package of tariffs” to provide PR services.

Economic news and analyzes

Only subscribers can use the analyses prepared by analysts and researchers of the Agency’s economic department. Daily newsletters are also sent to subscribers of this section. Among the products of the section are:

a. A separate news package, consisting of economic news,

b. Analyzes and studies

c. Economic forecasts and trends,

d. Monthly rankings for all indicators of banks,

e. Real Estate Market Review,

f. Daily exchange rate,

g. Oil forecasts

h. Interview on economic topics.

Analytical studies and comments

Articles of the expert group of the agency in most cases are limited to mass reading. Agency’s analytical bulletins are prepared monthly, quarterly and annually. The analytical bulletins contain the following products:

a) Political commentary and analysis of incidents occurring in Azerbaijan and the region, as well as in hot spots of the world.

b) Economic comments, analytics, forecasts, ranking, monitoring.

Photo and video materials

The agency provides subscribers with original, operative photos and videos. Photos and videos can be downloaded from the agency’s website using a credit card or signing a subscription agreement.

Agency presents exclusive photos of:

a. daily important events

b. famous world leaders

c. famous stars

d. election process in different countries

e. accidents in hot spots of the world

f. political actions

g. explosions, emergencies.

Also offers:

a. advertising videos

b. various photo-representation booklets

c. presentation videos

d. election advertising videos.

Posting advertising banners

The Agency can put the ads on its own website ( in all languages and mobile version. The agency has ads tariff package for placing ads banners. There is a package of tariffs for all the above mentioned services of the Agency. Please, contact the company to get acquainted with the tariffs and sign a contract.